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Osshawa Release

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Oshawa is done. But on my broken laptop. I might have to start over....

Chapter4 more lel

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And that is how Gakupo spent his day off.(He got up, put out a fire and went to sleep.Nice)

Now he had to actually work, which he desiped. But on the bright side Miku,Luka,Rin and Meiko are going overseas for a concert.(Yes,they wont be in this for quite some time. I write the story,I can do that) Which meant no more annoying Miku, lovestruck Luka or Meiko trying to kill him,which was great. (But will only last for a few months.)He looked over at his clock. ''Only 12:00?'' He had to be at the studio with Len and Kaito at 3:00. He got up and put his clothes on. Then he decieded to go downstairs to make breakfast, since no one else was going to. The aftermath of the fire still showed, surprizingly no one had even tried to clean it up.(But who did he expect to?) Just then Kaito came down the stairs and len followed close behind. ''Where is everyone?'' said the shota. Gakupo gave Kaito a confused look. ''I guess no one told you..." said Kaito to him. Len looked up at him. "TOLD ME WHAT?!" And Gakupo just ignored them and started making breakfast. (on a dirty stove lel im to lazy to go back lel) Kaito pleaded with Gakupo to be the one to tell him he won't be able to see his sister for months and that she's in a different country,but Gakupo wasn't having any of that. He knew the blond was crazy, he would have no problem trying to kill him in his sleep. Len was worst than Meiko, would wait for him to be sleep. Even Meiko had limits. Finally, Kaito decieded to just tell him, what was the worst he could do? Kaito was much taller and stronger than the fourteen year old. But still shivered as he told him. "Okay, thats what you guys were keeping secret, I could murder you just for not telling me sooner..." (That last part he said as a thought) "But at least i'm finally rid of Rin, that ANNOYING SACK OF ..." And he just stopped his sentence. "Hey, what are you making for breakfast Gakupo?" (Good the ADHD is setting in...)



Chapter 3 lel

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''Okay, what is it?'' Gakupo said. ''Okay, so as you may notice...The kitchen is on fire.'' ''But, before you freakout...We already splashed a bucket of water on it, but it only made it worse...'' Luka said. ''Well, your not supposed to put water on a stove...'' said Gakupo. Just then he saw smoke coming from the kitchen. ''WHY DIDN'T YOU PUT IT OUT?!" He screamed at them so loud,everyone in the Vocaloid Manor heard him. ''Because we called you.'' Luka said calmly. At that point Gakupo noticed Luka must of been out of her mind. (by hanging around Meiko to much) ''WHAT'S GOING ON IN HERE?!!" said Len, who was exiting the kitchen. That's when Kaito decided to see what all the fuss was about. ".....Holy.....'' Then, Gakupo thought it was time to actually put out the fire. He got a towel and started beating the living crap out of the little 'problem' that caused all this 'fuss'. (Gakupo wanted to go back to sleep. so do i)


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GakupoXKaito Chapter 2: I tried

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''Kaito?'' Gakupo said.''Good,you are awake.'' ''We were all worried when you didn't come down for breakfast."


''Sorry,I over slept...'' .........(akward silence)..........''Well, at least your up now.'',''Meiko and Luka want you downstairs.'',said Kaito. Gakupo knew what that meant,Meiko and Luka must of burned dinner and needs him to help them. He didn't think of him self as a 'great' cook,but at least he didn't burn everything. (Which,they did often) But, he didn't realize why they depended on him. He didn't owe them anything,did he? He just shruged it off and went down the hall. To his amazement the twins were fighting again. ''OMG COULD U NOT" said the perky blond boy, to his little sister,whom was beating him up really bad.(Would damage anyones pride) Gakupo just ignored them. For, he didn't want Rin to pummel him to. Then, he finally made it downstairs. To greet him was a very unfriendly Meiko and Luka. So he just skipped the 'hellos' and 'good mornings' and asked what was going on. ''What took you so long?'',Luka said. ''Sorry, I got side trac--'' Before he could even finish his sentence,Meiko hit him over the head with her (empty) bottle of sake. He grimiced in pain. ''WE NEED YOUR HELP, GAKUPOOP!'' ,She said, screaming in his ear, obiously drunk.


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GakupoXKaito lel~ RAND0M 1: Meiko tha Drunkie

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 ''Hello?'' He heared a very familier voice say.''Kaito?'' Gakupo said.''Good,you are awake.'' ''We were all worried when you didn't come down for breakfast."


''Sorry,I over slept...''  Just then a wild Meiko appeared! ''GAKUPOOP WTF ARE U DOIN IN THEERREE?!!! GET YO SKINY TAIL DOWN HERREEE!!!!!!!!!!!!,Said,Meiko the Drunkie.

Kaito knew he was in danger! He wasted no time and ran as far way as he could! (Down the hall) Gakupo was so afraid of Meiko. But, now he had to face a drunk Meiko? He didn't know what to do, but before he knew it he was downstairs being yelled at by her (who was being held back by Luka and Miku).  He knew the kind of damage she could do to him, he knew she wouldn't hesitate to try AND murder him. Especaly in her drunken state. Meiko hated him. Gakupo would like to say that it was because he ''stole'' her boyfriend/crush. Meiko said it wasn't the case, never dening to hating him. The fact was Meiko was 38 years old. Kaito was only 17 (lel) and Gakupo was 26. An eleven year age gap was nothing compared to if Meiko and Kaito were together. Everyone else in the house was clueless, and Gakupo wanted to keep it that way. Kaito only cared about two things ice cream and Gakupo. (And in that order)


omg so not sorrie RANDOM NOT EVEN CANON maybe a little canon.

GakupoXKaito RANDOM LeL Chapter 1

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It was a sunday afternoon,Gakupo had just woken up.Not, surprizingly,by the rukus of the twins  next door.He looked to the side of his bed at the clock. 1:00pm? Had he really slept that long? Sure,it was his day off,but it just wasn't like him.Gakupo assumed that everyone in the Vocaloid Manor had gotten up and already ate breakfast without him.The sound of a sharp scream from Rin caused him to get up,get his clothes on,and see what the problem was.(noone else really cared) But, before he could even leave his room, someone knocked on his door. ''Hello?'' He heared a very familier voice say.''Kaito?'' Gakupo said.''Good,you are awake.'' ''We were all worried when you didn't come down for breakfast." (We is just Kaito-everyone else is pretty much jerks.)


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