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Chapter4 more lel

Posted by joannalexp on April 20, 2014 at 4:35 PM

And that is how Gakupo spent his day off.(He got up, put out a fire and went to sleep.Nice)

Now he had to actually work, which he desiped. But on the bright side Miku,Luka,Rin and Meiko are going overseas for a concert.(Yes,they wont be in this for quite some time. I write the story,I can do that) Which meant no more annoying Miku, lovestruck Luka or Meiko trying to kill him,which was great. (But will only last for a few months.)He looked over at his clock. ''Only 12:00?'' He had to be at the studio with Len and Kaito at 3:00. He got up and put his clothes on. Then he decieded to go downstairs to make breakfast, since no one else was going to. The aftermath of the fire still showed, surprizingly no one had even tried to clean it up.(But who did he expect to?) Just then Kaito came down the stairs and len followed close behind. ''Where is everyone?'' said the shota. Gakupo gave Kaito a confused look. ''I guess no one told you..." said Kaito to him. Len looked up at him. "TOLD ME WHAT?!" And Gakupo just ignored them and started making breakfast. (on a dirty stove lel im to lazy to go back lel) Kaito pleaded with Gakupo to be the one to tell him he won't be able to see his sister for months and that she's in a different country,but Gakupo wasn't having any of that. He knew the blond was crazy, he would have no problem trying to kill him in his sleep. Len was worst than Meiko, would wait for him to be sleep. Even Meiko had limits. Finally, Kaito decieded to just tell him, what was the worst he could do? Kaito was much taller and stronger than the fourteen year old. But still shivered as he told him. "Okay, thats what you guys were keeping secret, I could murder you just for not telling me sooner..." (That last part he said as a thought) "But at least i'm finally rid of Rin, that ANNOYING SACK OF ..." And he just stopped his sentence. "Hey, what are you making for breakfast Gakupo?" (Good the ADHD is setting in...)



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