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GakupoXKaito Chapter 2: I tried

Posted by joannalexp on April 10, 2014 at 10:20 PM

''Kaito?'' Gakupo said.''Good,you are awake.'' ''We were all worried when you didn't come down for breakfast."


''Sorry,I over slept...'' .........(akward silence)..........''Well, at least your up now.'',''Meiko and Luka want you downstairs.'',said Kaito. Gakupo knew what that meant,Meiko and Luka must of burned dinner and needs him to help them. He didn't think of him self as a 'great' cook,but at least he didn't burn everything. (Which,they did often) But, he didn't realize why they depended on him. He didn't owe them anything,did he? He just shruged it off and went down the hall. To his amazement the twins were fighting again. ''OMG COULD U NOT" said the perky blond boy, to his little sister,whom was beating him up really bad.(Would damage anyones pride) Gakupo just ignored them. For, he didn't want Rin to pummel him to. Then, he finally made it downstairs. To greet him was a very unfriendly Meiko and Luka. So he just skipped the 'hellos' and 'good mornings' and asked what was going on. ''What took you so long?'',Luka said. ''Sorry, I got side trac--'' Before he could even finish his sentence,Meiko hit him over the head with her (empty) bottle of sake. He grimiced in pain. ''WE NEED YOUR HELP, GAKUPOOP!'' ,She said, screaming in his ear, obiously drunk.


LeL im sorry, I had to finish it by 9:30 or i cant upload it today....

Thanks to the reveiwers and I got a follower~ I am slowly learning the ways of a writer. First story EVER plz 4give~

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