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GakupoXKaito lel~ RAND0M 1: Meiko tha Drunkie

Posted by joannalexp on April 9, 2014 at 9:45 PM

 ''Hello?'' He heared a very familier voice say.''Kaito?'' Gakupo said.''Good,you are awake.'' ''We were all worried when you didn't come down for breakfast."


''Sorry,I over slept...''  Just then a wild Meiko appeared! ''GAKUPOOP WTF ARE U DOIN IN THEERREE?!!! GET YO SKINY TAIL DOWN HERREEE!!!!!!!!!!!!,Said,Meiko the Drunkie.

Kaito knew he was in danger! He wasted no time and ran as far way as he could! (Down the hall) Gakupo was so afraid of Meiko. But, now he had to face a drunk Meiko? He didn't know what to do, but before he knew it he was downstairs being yelled at by her (who was being held back by Luka and Miku).  He knew the kind of damage she could do to him, he knew she wouldn't hesitate to try AND murder him. Especaly in her drunken state. Meiko hated him. Gakupo would like to say that it was because he ''stole'' her boyfriend/crush. Meiko said it wasn't the case, never dening to hating him. The fact was Meiko was 38 years old. Kaito was only 17 (lel) and Gakupo was 26. An eleven year age gap was nothing compared to if Meiko and Kaito were together. Everyone else in the house was clueless, and Gakupo wanted to keep it that way. Kaito only cared about two things ice cream and Gakupo. (And in that order)


omg so not sorrie RANDOM NOT EVEN CANON maybe a little canon.

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