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GakupoXKaito RANDOM LeL Chapter 1

Posted by joannalexp on April 8, 2014 at 9:50 PM

It was a sunday afternoon,Gakupo had just woken up.Not, surprizingly,by the rukus of the twins  next door.He looked to the side of his bed at the clock. 1:00pm? Had he really slept that long? Sure,it was his day off,but it just wasn't like him.Gakupo assumed that everyone in the Vocaloid Manor had gotten up and already ate breakfast without him.The sound of a sharp scream from Rin caused him to get up,get his clothes on,and see what the problem was.(noone else really cared) But, before he could even leave his room, someone knocked on his door. ''Hello?'' He heared a very familier voice say.''Kaito?'' Gakupo said.''Good,you are awake.'' ''We were all worried when you didn't come down for breakfast." (We is just Kaito-everyone else is pretty much jerks.)


lel, I just made this in like 10 minutes on the rl tho...IM SORRIE LeL

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